At Tech Set Computing We Have Seen The Life Cycles of Computers Shorten Because People Get Frustrated With Their Machines, or Throw Them Away Once a Basic Part Needs to be Serviced. This is Not Economical For The Customer, and Floods eWaste Facilities With Perfectly Good Computers! Let Us Keep You Up and Running!


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Our Services

Custom Built Computers, Home Consultations, Hard Drive Upgrades, Remote Support and Computer Management, Power Supply Replacements, PC Tune-Ups and Auditing…

Did You Know?

Desktop Computers are no longer boat anchors like the old computing days! They are actually quite small and modular. Unless your trade or workstation absolutely requires a large real estate machine, this is now the way to go and can be a great alternative to a laptop which does not have as many expansion options.

On-Site Services

If you require on-site services, this can be scheduled 72 hours in advance. Let us know what you need assistance with!


Let Us Show You Why Having A Custom Computer Built Just For You Is The Way Ensure You Have A Reliable Machine That Runs For Years Beyond A Typical Retail Store Model!