Is This Too Much Paste? Why Yes, Yes It Is.

Is This Too Much Paste? Why Yes, Yes It Is.


Frequently Asked Questions


what is a solid state drive? (ssd)

A Solid State Drive is a Type of Hard Drive With no Moving Parts, Leading to Significant Performance Gains. Did You Know That Most Consumer Grade Computers Still Ship With A Traditional Hard Drive, Which is by Far The Biggest Performance Bottleneck of A Modern Computer? We Can Upgrade You!

are laptops UPGRADE-ABLE?

Due To Each Laptop Model Being Unique, There Are Not As Many Options for Upgrades As A Desktop Machine. Usually These Upgrades And Repairs Are Limited To Storage and Memory Upgrades Only. Call Us To Inquire About Your Specific Machine.

can’t i just use a mac?

Although Significantly More Expensive Than A Comparable Windows Machine, There Are Advantages To Mac. Apple Has More Of An Emphasis On Security Than Windows Operating System, And Mac OS Is Targeted Less In Serious Intrusion Type Attacks Such As Ransomeware Or Spying Cyber Attacks. If You Are A Gamer, Windows OS Is Still The Only Choice For The Best Experience. If You Are A Video Professional Or Graphic Designer, There Are Reasons Why A Windows Desktop Might Be Better For Upgrade Ability.

memory (ram) vs Storage (hard drive)

Some Users Will Mistakenly Use These Terms Interchangeably, However This Is Incorrect. Memory Is What’s Needed to Multi-task While The Computer Is Powered On, Enabling More Things To Be Done Simultaneously, But This Memory Is Erased When The Machine Is Powered Off. When You Save a File That You Are Working on, This Saves It To Long Term Storage (Hard Drive) Allowing You to Retrieve It Even after Shutting Down Your Machine.

why does my computer slow over time?

As You Use Your Machine, Depending on which Applications You Use and Which Websites You Visit, A Master Record Is Kept Containing Temporary Files and Settings That Help These Processes Function. Over Time, These Can be Misplaced or Corrupted Without Regular Maintenance Causing a Degradation In Performance.

is my computer ready for video editing or gaming?

If You Have a Computer Desktop, There is Hope! These Tasks Use Considerably More Computing Power, Which Requires More Electrical Power. Because Laptops Are Restricted In Physical Size, They Are Tuned Down As To Not Overheat. There Are Special Purpose Laptops For These Tasks However They Are Considerably More Expensive, And Will Even Seem Slow At Times If You Are Used To The Power Of a Desktop Machine.

i just got a new mac, why is it not able to display some web videos?

Apple Refuses To Use Flash Player With Its Safari Browser Because It Can Be A Security Risk Or ‘Hole’. A lot of Websites Still Use Flash Which Is Slowly Being Replaced By HTML5 Video. This Issue Is Normally Resolved By Downloading an Alternate Browser Like Chrome Or Firefox When You Run Into These Issues.